What others say about our soaps

All natural organic face and body soap...I love it!

"I try to use products that are all natural, and cruelty free. So I was happy to try the Pure Artisian Original Coconut All Natural Soap Bar. I use it on my face and body because I have sensitive skin. It doesn't cause any redness or burn and sting. It has no scent, and it has just the right amount of lather. It makes my face feel fresh and clean. I really love this product."


Perfect for Sensitive Skin

"Having super sensitive skin, I have to be selective in which soaps and products I use. I find that most make my skin dry and itchy feeling, so it is not often that I am able to find a good soap that I like. I decided to try a more natural soap, rather than the ones you can pick up at your local big box stores, so I placed an order to try this out. My oldest son is beginning to experience similar skin issues. On top of that, he is pre-teen, so is battling the breakouts horribly. He needs gentle, all natural soap, too. We got two small bars of soap to try out and then compared notes after using them for a week.

Both of us had the same thoughts. The soap is unscented, so you don’t have to worry about a girlie scent for male users or a manly scent for female users. And it is gentle and moisturizing. Neither one of us felt that our skin was left dry and itchy, and my son feels it is working great to help him cleanse his skin before applying his acne treatment. It doesn’t irritate his skin before putting the treatment on, so he is very pleased with it.
The soap lathered up fairly well. We didn’t go through the whole bar of soap super fast, though using it twice daily, both of us did end up using it and having very little left after a week. But that just means I will have to buy more. The price is good, so I am not worried about investing in something that works for both of us and allows our skin to be hydrated and healthy.

Check this soap out if you have sensitive skin or are looking for a soap with no perfumes or dyes. This is a great choice for your face washing needs."


I have chemically burned hands and its super hard for me to find a soap that won't break them out and make them worse. I have to wash them so many times a day to get off any dust, or really anything on them. No matter what my hands come in contact with they itch. So its really important that I have a soap I can use multiple times a day that isn't going to make it worse. I have used soaps in the past that have made my hands itch even more and have caused a breakout. That is not the case with this soap. This soap doesn't make a ton of suds but it makes enough. It glides in between your hands and when you are rinsing them they don't have that dried out feeling you get when most soaps are rinsing away but it feels as if they are slippery and oiled. My hands feel as soft as they can and clean when I'm done.

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